2024. Running a game studio is not easy. Developing a fun and engaging game is just the first chapter in your journey. Making it a commercial success and creating a sustainable business for your studio is the next. This is not easy. And if you're reading this, chances are that you have experienced this too.

We started Re-koup because we wanted to create something for the modern game studio by offering publishing services tailored to the future of the gaming industry. 

Our mission is to help game devs with the business side of shipping a game, and supporting the long tail business, for them to become an independent and profitable studio.

We achieve this by executing tailored commercial plans and by leveraging our knowledge, experience, and network from years working at indie- and major publishers.

Independent studios get their own in-house publishing team, helping them maximize their current business and building and promoting their studio brand.

And we do this while working in the background, under the studio's flag, fully reporting to them. 

This is what we call - Publishing as it should be.

COD: Modern Warfare 1-3 // COD: Modern Warfare (2019) // COD: Black Ops 1-3 // Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy // Destiny 1-2 // Diablo 3 // Dune: Spice Wars // Guitar Hero // Heartstone // Metal: Hellsinger // Overwatch // Sekiro // Starcraft 2 // Tony Hawk's Pro Skater // World of Warcraft // + many more...

At indie- and major publishers such as Activision Blizzard, Tencent and Funcom. 

The team has, during their years in the gaming industry, held multiple senior positions within marketing, sales, and business development.



Are you looking for extra support to help take your game to the market?
Or perhaps you just want to focus on creating your amazing game while leaving the commercial work to someone else?

If you have already managed to secure funding for your project, but feel you need help with anything from creating and executing a GTM plan, marketing, PR, distribution, 1st-/3rd-party relations, partnerships or influencer marketing. Then we got your back.


Have you already shipped your game? Not got the traction you
hoped for or perhaps you’re not able to handle the success on your own and feel like you might be missing out on opportunities?

Our performance-based commission model makes sure you can scale up your team with your very own in-house senior Sales/Biz dev team. We only take a commission on the revenue we manage to increase. No upfront fees or any other charges. Zero risk. Just reward.


Have an amazing idea for a new game? Or perhaps you need additional funding for your new game in order to complete it?

In that case let us help you. We carefully evaluate your game and present selected titles to our network of investors. If we manage to secure funding for you, then Re-koup stays on the project as your dedicated in-house publishing team.
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Re-koup HQ is in Stockholm, Sweden.


Learn more about Re-koup, some of our results so far with our Long Tail Revenue Services, and why we believe publishing needs to change.

The whole concept of Re-koup is to rethink the relationship between the publisher and the studio. It is time we put the game studios first. Join us in our pursuit of "publishing as it should be".

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In November 2023, Re-koup partnered up with Old Apes to help them increase player base and maximize revenue intake on their game Papa’s Quiz released in 2020 with our Long Tail Revenue Services.

The result? Papa´s Quiz had its best month ever in December 2023, by far. The December 2023 result ended up being 3x more than its previously best month, both in terms of player acquisition and revenue. December 2023 stood for 21% of lifetime sales. And best of all, this was achieved without any marketing spend.

Click here if you want to dig deeper into how this was achieved.

Our new website is finally live. It has been long overdue, and it is a much-needed update. More exiting news to come!

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